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2002 Dodge Ram 2500 for sale in Witts Springs, AR 72686

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    Don Clark

    Witts Springs, AR 72686


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    Ram 2500

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    Truck 2-WD

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I purchased the truck in Feb. of this year expecting to keep it for years to come. I had unexpected issues that have forced me to get rid of it earlier than I had ever planned.
This is a good truck, not some hulled out problem that Im trying to pawn off on someone. The truck runs strong, uses no oil, (has one small leak at power steering pump.) Drives perfectly.
Here is a list of items I have replaced to get the truck in shape.
Tires ( put aggressive treads on all 4 so I could rotate without problems. Quiet tires. Hold the road very well. (Good Year Wrangler 265-75-R16
Brakes, new rotors, new parking brake pads. IE new binders all the way around.
New upper and lower ball joints
New idler arm
New Pitman arm.
Steering box stabilizer. This is a standard aftermarket item for 94-02 Dodges. You feel the road better with these. ( I have owned other Dodge trucks)
New 4 exhaust system, muffler included.
New K&N air filter. ( Not the cold air type)
Two new batteries.
New door lock switch left,
New window switch right. ( I found that Chrysler sells lots of them)
New Edge Chip. This adds about 50hp, Not a hot rod change, just gives more low end torque. Nice.
Replaced fuel filters, changed oil several times ( purchased truck with 114K miles)
Fuel Pressure is strong at Idle and WOT. I had it tested in shop when adding the chip.

Body is very good as you can see from photos. Interior is very good, no cigarette burns in seats. If you drive it, youll likely buy it. Really nice to drive. You can call me at 501-318-7459 Cell. With any questions.

Don Clark

Witts Springs, AR 72686


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2002 Dodge Ram 2500



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